For the Newcomer to PAA and 12 Step Programs

If you are new there are bound to be many questions. Some newcomers are looking for that instant fix, a miracle cure or answer for an addiction that took years before it became a problem. Fortunately, the miracle comes as you work the program of recovery.


It’s suggested that newcomers to PAA, especially if this is your first 12 step program, take the following actions to avoid relapse:

  • Get in touch with other members on the Member’s Forum and in the meetings.
  • Get phone numbers and dial them, don’t file them.
  • Call when you are feeling tempted to use porn.
  • Call to check in daily.
  • Join the meetings we have and commit to joining them regularly.
  • Be of service in/at the meetings – volunteer to read or lead.
  • Ask questions at the end of the meeting if time allows or call one of the members with questions.
  • Find someone who you are going to be accountable to, a sponsor, and call them daily.
  • Do not be afraid of the temptation to use pornography as you may be more tempted in the beginning to relapse. Just don’t do it and do something else. Call someone, help someone, meditate, etc.
  • We have found that one day at time, one hour at a time, even one minute at a time is what it takes to get past the desire to view pornography.
  • Use the Serenity Prayer or Third Step Prayer as often as necessary. It works.
  • Use the 3rd Step Prayer or other prayers every morning.
  • Start a DAILY Gratitude List and add to it daily. Share it with your sponsor.
  • Refer to your gratitude list when you are feeling down and out.