Healthy Thought Patterns…

What are healthy thought patterns for a pornography addict? How do we get there?

Most of us walk around in fear and shame over our addiction to porn: afraid to get triggered and shame about our feelings of usage and what can be a normal and healthy sexuality. This creates an almost immediate need to find an outlet for the constantly created fear and shame. And the cycle begins again. Shame and fear fixed with an addiction to porn that only leads to more shame and fear.

There is a level of natural attraction built in to our human psyches. This is normal. This is not to be feared or shamed. If we did not have this, there would have been one or two more humans on the planet and then the bugs might have ruled for the past 30,000 years.

Our behaviors in the past have created shame even around natural and normal arousal and attraction.

Learning to define what is “normal” sexuality and accept ourselves for having natural feelings is part of the path of growth and recovery. Learning how to deal with our feelings of arousal in a healthy and mature way is part of growth and recovery.