Daily Thought 6-4-08

What happens if we falter? Get weak? Fail?

We ask god in a simple way to take us back to our path – the path that we and our higher power have started to walk. We must turn from the selfish indulgences of shame, guilt, fear and remorse. They only make the thinking worse.

We can pray and take action to help others.

The third step prayer for PAA can be helpful when used daily:

God, I offer you all my emotions, thoughts and actions in order for you to guide me in my journey of recovery. I ask that you show me the path to acceptance of self and others and freedom from selfish actions by doing your will. Let me be an example of your graciousness to others in all my actions and thoughts so that I may become recovered from this state of mind and body.

We let go, and we we let god take us to the place he needs us to be in.