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Daily Thought 06-09-08

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Our PAA symbol has five sides-

What do they represent?

It is a “WE” program.

With Unity, we get Service, which gives us the courage to seek the Truth, so that we can begin the Journey of Recovery towards the life of Freedom from PA.

Through the admission of powerlessness in the first step, “We admitted…”, we get Unity.

Together we do service by sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other, setting up meetings, sponsoring, helping others and other PA’s and other actions which support Unity. As we build on the previous foundations, we ask god for the courage to find our truth by going through the steps to recovery that leads to freedom from porn addiction.

Daily Thought 6-05-08

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Uncovering the falsehoods about some belief behind the triggers are our goal. We have a power greater than ourselves that we can turn to in our times of weakness, strength and need.

The shame and fear of being found out about our “secret” addiction is what perhaps keeps the cycle going and keeps us from healthy relationship with others – sexual or otherwise.

Behind that is a fear of rejection: not being able to please someone, and not being good enough. This also leads to placing more power on someone else’s opinion of ourselves over our own.


Daily Thought 6-4-08

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

What happens if we falter? Get weak? Fail?

We ask god in a simple way to take us back to our path – the path that we and our higher power have started to walk. We must turn from the selfish indulgences of shame, guilt, fear and remorse. They only make the thinking worse.

We can pray and take action to help others.

The third step prayer for PAA can be helpful when used daily:

God, I offer you all my emotions, thoughts and actions in order for you to guide me in my journey of recovery. I ask that you show me the path to acceptance of self and others and freedom from selfish actions by doing your will. Let me be an example of your graciousness to others in all my actions and thoughts so that I may become recovered from this state of mind and body.

We let go, and we we let god take us to the place he needs us to be in.


Daily Thoughts 6-3-08

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

One day free from addiction is a goal.

As we hear in almost all 12-step programs, “One day at a time”.

We can do almost anything one day at a time. If we leave tomorrow to God, and yesterday in the past, we can stay in the moment.

In the moment that we are in, we can change our thinking and actions by turning them over to a higher power and not doing harmful actions to ourselves or anyone around us.

As we stop thinking about our addiction and the behavior moment by moment and focus on the rest of our lives, the obsession lifts.

Soon, we have met our goal of one more day day addiction free, just letting God handle the moments.